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Flight School - Pathway to Professional Pilot

As the demand for pilots soars, more people are wondering how to become an airline pilot. You can learn to fly an airplane right here at the New Smyrna Beach Airport. We are located near NASA, so you know flight conditions are fantastic. Major airlines recruit Epic’s Part 141 flight school graduates for careers as professional pilots who now enjoy rewarding a pilot salary. Our graduates fly for 300+ airlines! Since 1999, we have trained thousands of commercial airline pilots from 80+ countries. As a Cessna Service Center, we operate a fleet of new generation aircraft with state-of-the-art avionics. This puts you in the pilot’s seat of the best training aircraft, whether a new generation flight simulator to save you time and money, Cessna 172, or Piper Seminole.

Epic Flight Academy enjoys some of the highest reviews among United States aviation academies. Epic is recognized as a leading Cessna Pilot Center for its innovative flight training and virtual online courses and lessons. We even offer on-site flight school exams and certification. We help you train and achieve your career goals starting with your private pilot license through ATP. You can even apply your flight training for college credit and earn an A.S. degree. We also welcome international and transfer students. Epic Flight Academy can help you continue your flight training no matter where you are in your training. We’ll take you from zero experience to professional pilot at one location! It’s not hard, and the cost is competitive. Get flying today! You won’t believe how much fun it is when you learn how to become a pilot.

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Become a Professional Pilot!

Epic-Trained Airline Pilots

Carter Daughtrey US Flag

Carter Daughtrey

Career Highlight:
Captain, Key Lime Air

Keegan Sullivan US Flag

Keegan Sullivan

Career Highlight:
First Officer, SkyWest Airlines

Juan Ignacio Rongvaux US Flag

Juan Ignacio Rongvaux

Career Highlight:
First Officer, Republic Airline

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Aircraft Mechanic School – Earn Your A&P Certification in 14 to 18 Months!

Aircraft Mechanic School

Epic Flight Academy’s Part 147 Aircraft Mechanic Training program offers another opportunity for an aviation career. Aircraft mechanics are trained and licensed professionals. They are highly sought in fields outside of general aviation, such as SpaceX space launches and theme park ride maintenance. The knowledge and skills you acquire as an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) prepare you for a rewarding career. Aircraft mechanic salaries and job opportunities are both on the rise. How long does it take? Classes last 14-18 months with hands-on experience working on various aircraft. See how quickly you can be trained and certified to enter an entirely new job market! You can even work on jet aircraft. New classes begin every four months. Earn your airframe and powerplant (A&P) certification to enjoy career versatility. We welcome you to check your eligibility for aircraft mechanic school today. Veterans are able to train as aircraft mechanics under the GI Bill.

Your Future Aircraft Mechanic School!

Become an Aircraft Mechanic!